IRONMAN........ I on my way to earn this title

This is a Journal to my trials and tribulations of my journey to conquer the 140.6 miles of pain and mental anguish.

So, I plan to journal daily.. if you want to be apart of this journey.. follow by blog.. You will see the up and down days of training for an event.. hopefully it will be something that can inspire you to do something crazy.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Back on it

Swam yesterday for the first time in a bit.. I felt good.. Breathing was tough, which was to be expected.  The 100m felt stellar.  Felt smooth and very fast. I even incorporated the flip turn.. felt awesome.. I wish i could say the entire workout felt that way.  But it didnt..

                                    Workout in the Pool
                                              600 warmup.. 6 x 100 (swim, kick, pull)
                                               8 x 50

that was tough.. shoulders were on fire.  Good old Lactic acid burn.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

First in about 2 weeks

Great workout today.. felt good to be productive...

I did a mile warm up on the treadmill.. then i started doing a workout my buddy gave me...
it was pretty intense..  Lots of cool things that I have never done..

Today was a stabilization day.. So lots of core work and one leg balancing while lifting..  I would love to keep up with this. It pointed out some weaknesses i need to fix..  i have more strength in my right leg than left.. i need to correct this.   lower back flexibility is an issue as well.. so yoga is on the table as well..

Run a quarter mile after work out.. i wanted to grunt out a mile.. next time..

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sssiiiiicccckkkk and i hate it..

Last week was a tough.. I worked alot, filled with tons of stress and no training..  Somewhere in the mist of all that maddness, i got sick.. Sore throat and cough.. Grrrrrrrr..

I want to workout tomorrow morning.. If I feel better, maybe run in the evening..

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Today was good and bad

Im guessing i didnt take in enough calories this morning.. It all started pretty good in the pool.. I had a decent swim..
600 warm up, 4 x 100. (builds). Then went to the bike..  The bike is where i started slowing down. I did alpine pass, lvl 10.. Felt good for first 5 mins.. But started fading after that.. No umph in pedal stroked.. heart rate stayed low.. It got up to the 147.. So i tapped at 15 min.. 5.5 miles.. No go go juice.. 

Back to grind tomorrow.. Weight training and some running..

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Great week..

This proved to be pretty good with training.. I missed out on a couple runs because of work.. But will get back on the boat tomorrow...

I saw World Ironman Championships today.. Oh boy, i got so pumped up watching it.. This full ironman is really something i want to do.. So i have to get it done.. So one of my first expenses this new will be my place at Beach to Battleship full ironman.

So no more pussy footing around with training.  I have a goal and i will achieve it.. So i promise to stay on top my blog.. So when if wants motivation to achieve a goal.. Ill send them to my blog. It will be a good read when i complete it and something i can share with others as i start personal training.

Get some...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

First day back in the Pool

OH man... i decided to swim today..  I had to wing a workout, because I knew I didn't have the endurance to complete a big swim.  So I started up  with a 400 meter warm up..  200 meter swim and 200 kick.. i was toast after the warm-up.  swam 50 meters on :30.. after each 50, a 15s rest..

It was tough to settle down in the pool.. I wanted to blast off which wasn't smart on my part.  shoulders were on fire..  but nevertheless i got it done..   i started to slow, because i was tired.. not because i settled down.

On another note... registration is now open for B2B.. I plan to register after the first on the year. 

Im really getting use to eating clean.. its not as bad as i thought it would be.  First couple days were rough because of headache.. but all better now.

I was a suppose to run a 10 miler this morning. The Surfin Santa 10 miler to be exact.  Because of job obligations i had to work.. couldnt find a substitute.  But in hind site, it was probably for the best that i didn't run..  I ran a half marathon under trained and  it hurt like hell.. and i escaped injury.    Not running  this 10 miler may have saved me from getting injured. 

I plan to run tomorrow. whoooo hoooooo

I picked up two pair of shoes and the expo..  i have a new favorite shoe... the sacouny kinvara 2.. this shoe is awesome.. it so like, well made shoe.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Crazy week..

My last run was monday... it was ok.. i felt good actually... i was just trying to cruise it.. because i have a 10 miler on sat... 

On Dec 1, i decided to start eating clean..  which translates into cutting out refined sugars and white stuff (bread and etc)..  sodas  and caffeine..  Oh man. i have paid for this.. I have had a monstrous headache since the first.. OMG..  it hurt so bad i couldnt sleep lastnight..

I went to pick up race packet.. still on fence about racing, especially if i have this headache tomorrow.. that will be 3 days..  I picked up a couple pair of running shoes while at expo.

So i go home.. took two excedrin migraine, laced up new and went for a run.. run felt awesome.. i felt good and really strong.. i wanted to go slow and just complete a run.. didnt expect to run my fastest 4 miler of the year.. it felt sorta easy running today..

either way headache is sorta gone.. so im happy about that.. i had a protein shake after run.. i was a little shaky too.. dont know why though.  excedrin???  who know. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

First run since half..

It was a gorgeous day today.. I was going back and forth about running.. I had a minor headache, and i was leaning towards not running.  But i was watching rocky and it motivated me to get outside..

The run todays wasnt a piece of cake by far.. First mile i felt good.. To goood.. Started feelinh some muscle tightness.. I.T bands and tibalis posterior were starting to act up.. I typical pains first run after a race i guess..
So i stopped and stretched for a couple minutes.. 

On restart, tried finding a steady pace and rolling with it.. 

All done and home.. Feeling pretty good that i ran.. Thanks rocky.. I would have puss'd out if wasnt for you.

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Lot has happened

Ok, so its been a bit since i posted on here.. i can no longer access this from my work computer..
so i have to update when i remember too..

Ok..  So Freedom Half Marathon..  wow what a death march... on nov 13th downtown norfolk held its first half marathon..  OH MAN, was it a day of mental toughness..  Why was it tough... LETS SEE..
my longest run all year was 6.2 miles and that was to weeks prior to this event..  My longest training run was 5.5 miles.. lol  Crazy I know!!!!. This was an event i had to complete whether running or crawling i was determined to finish.

OK, the race...
The race start... I felt pretty good..  first two miles were sub 19 mins.. feeling pretty good.. coming up on mile 3... first climb.. oh shit..  shorten my stride and picked up cadence.. it was a breeze... 3 mile mark.. 28:49... wow im feeling great.. Mile 4 came went.. Mile 5 was at the top of the 2nd.. this proved to be a little tough.. i started to get stomach cramps, so i slowed down until they eased up.. which never happened.. so around the bend.. i see mile 6.. im like excited.. i was under an hour.. whoooo hooooo.. 59 mins..  then everything went down hill..  all i could this was oh shit.. i blew my load.. how am i gonna finish this.. i was hungry and i had to pee.. i saw the first aid tent and porta johns.. so i pulled off the course to drain the main vein.. such relief. (this was new to me.. i never had to use rest room while races.. so i knew i was in trouble.) so mile 7, i adopted walk 40 seconds at the beginning of each mile.. My I.T. bands started to tighten up.  the short walk became quiet a relief..  I met up with a guy from gym.. he was struggling like i was.. we paired up and decided we were gonna finish this no matter what.
Mile 8 and 9.. were ok. i had company. we both were struggling.. so mile 10..  game changer.. tallest bridge yet for the course. Mike and i talked... we decided to give it a shot and try to run it..  we started the climb.. i started to pull away from mike... i almost made it to top but my I.T. bands were screaming like a chick in a scary movie.. holy shit.. we walk for a couple steps and ran down the bridge.. so we continued running.. mile 11 came.. walk break.. man was that needed.. this was the beginning of the longest 2.1 miles ever..  the death march began..  my body felt like it was being beat by a pissed off lil league baseball team because they didn't have cookies after the game.  Mile 12.. getting close.. i tried to keep the running going.. legs didnt want to move...

so the home stretch.. passed my 13..  a hot little blonde came by and said come almost there.. at that point.. I decided i wasnt going to be chicked at the finish line.. so i forgot about the pain and gave all i had to finish... i could get a full stride because muscles were tight and i was cramping..

I didn't get chicked.. but i felt like death was near when i crossed the finishline.  the rest of the day was full of sleep and eating.. oh yea and football..

All healed by Tues.. no pain, minor aches is all..

started strength training. so winter maintenance has begun.. whooo hooooooooo

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

back to the grind

Yesterday.. i got back to pounding the pavement..  Felt really good..
I didnt have any congestion in my chest.. i think the cold for the most part is gone, thankfully

so, i think im good to turn it up..

I have a half marathon on sun.. its gonna hurt but i will finish it.  I wont PR at this race maybe next half i will..  Im doing this event mainly because its in my backyard so to speak.. i can walk to the start line..

and its the first half in downtown norfolk.. whooo hoooooo.. i get another medal..

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Decent run

I had pretty decent run on thursday.. I wanted to type this fri.. Damn computer at work suck. My blogger crashes everytime i try to open it..

But to the run

4 miler felt good actually..  Still having some breathing issues. So im not comoletely over the cold. I have a cough and a stuffy nose.. Little chest congestion..  First 2 miles were great.. HR was steady.. I was around 165. 3 mile is decided to push the pace. Do some intervals.. 30 sec on, 1 min recovery.. HR on intervals hung around 174. 

Great run though.

I got off late fri, so i didnt have a chance to run. I had to work at the gym at 6.

Sat, wanted to run.. I had a hungry headache i discovered later.. I thought it was a caffiene headache.  I guess i didnt take in enough calories this morning before work and lunch time..

All better now.. Hope to get a run in tomorrow.. 5 or 6 miler..

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I had to get a workout in before I had to go work at the gym.  I chose to swim and bike..

Swim was a little tough, but i got through it. I swam maybe 1000 meters.. Stroke needs some work, and i also need to spend more time in the pool. I thinking attending masters swim at another YMCA or try to start one at my Y..

After swim, i went up to do some pedaling.. I did random hills, level 15 for resistence. My highest watt output was 471 watts, HR was 153.  My average HR was 110 for the entire 30 min session on the bike.

Good training day, no complaints.

Need to get running though. I have a half marathon next week.. Crazy i know.. Another slow race on a platter..

Back to training...

Typically the firat run bbs after a race really sucks.. Monday held true.. Lol I just bought a new watch, so it was a great time to test that out.  I bought a polar rs100. I hope to use this to help find efficency zones while training.

The 2 miler on monday felt like death. Legs were heavy feeling. I made a mental note to slow down and get it down.. It worked for most part. I was a little humid out and I had some congestion in my chest. Which made breathing a bear..

All in all.. Ok day.

Wicked 10K

So, on the 29th i ran a  10k. I didnt have any expectations for this event.. Given that I was fighting a cold and training consistency wasnt the best..

Race started at 0800.. I ran with a past girlfriend/training partner. It was good she was there. She kept my pace undercontrol. If she wasnt around i would have bolted and gassed myself so i could wasnt have finshed race running.

Im a little dissappointed in the time.. Considering last year I PR'd. Running a 55:07.. This year I crossed the line in a whopping 1:02.. WTH!!!! So im cant motivated now to get my ass in gear.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


It's been awhile since I posted something...

Last Friday, I went for a run.. Run felt great, but after the i began feeling ill.. very achy with a headache/ Sat is when i got really bad, so I worked came home a went to bed.... I didn't do anything Sun, but take it easy.

Monday, I went out for 4 miler. For the most part felt great.  My chest started burning.. from cold.  So I didn't do anything Tues. wanted to rest.  Wednesday I began feeling better but i felt a knot in my calf.... WTH... will anything go wrong. I massaged it with massage stick, thumbs, and foam roller..  Oh Man did it hurt..  HURT LIKE Shit..

More Massaging Thurs...

Fri, i decided i need to do something.  I did a mile on the treadmill. No pain from calf, physically i felt great.. I had a tough time breathing, which sucked.. So afterwards i went to pool to get some laps in.  Cranked out maybe 800 meters. honest i felt good in the pool.. breathing was a little better than on the treadmill running.. probably because i only did 50's.

Ill post about wicked later.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Missed a couple log days....

I went swimming, i actually had a really good swim.  I ended up swimming maybe a 1000 meters.. Breathing and rhythm were good, until i got tired and lactic burn overcame my shoulders.. But i still kept going.

First decent run since tues.. Last run i only did a mile.. It was extremely warm and humid.. It was like i was getting heat acclimated again.. So back to friday. All in all a great run. I felt really good. The temp was high 60s -low 70s.. I think i started out a little to fast.. Around mile 3, it got a little tough.

After the run, i felt like poop.. I was very achy, had the feel of getting sick.. The rest of my night was miserable..

As if this morning.. I have a runny nose and minor sore throat.. This may through a kink in my run plans for the weekend. Grrrrrrrrrrr

Temp feels running good.  

Monday, October 17, 2011


I had a minor collision yesterday playing basketball. Knee to knee contact with opponent.. Lil achy today but, it back to work tomorrow. Suppose to rain though, so chances are i will be inside doing something. Dreadmill, biking or swimming.. If i can wake up in time ill do too things.. Running is something that will happen tomorrow.. Just what else..  Hmmmmmmm..

Friday, October 14, 2011

Felt great...

Ahhhhh, the temp was great.. The wind was a bitch though.. Every corner i turned i was met by a good ole headwind...


Overall my run was great.. I felt strong and relaxed   active recovery was working like it should.. I had a couple time when i lost focus and HR got away from me..  I have to get some big mileage in soon.. I have an 8K on the 29th and a half marathon nov 13th.. So, i will need to get a big run this weekend.. I will try an 8 miler on sun eve.. Honestly i think i can do it with know real problem. I felt i could have done it today..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cross training day..

Well yesterday i felt like i had been in an energy zapper.. I had a tough physic day.. Dont know why.. I thought i was coming down with something, but no.. I was gonna take the day off and get back to it on thurs..  But i thought about it more..  How about cross train and take thurs off.. I have to work at the gym.  So i probably would have to cut workout short because of timing..

I grabbed my booty and went to gym.. On my way to gym i couldnt figure out what to do..  I decided to swim for a half hour and pedal for a half hour..

The swim was like death as execpted.. I hadnt swam in a while.. Shit i havent swam consistently all year.. The fact that i attempted 30 mins was insane.. Opened with 200m. Then it morphed in to 50m with breaks.. I really need to get back into the pool..

The pedaling was easy.. 11 miles 30 mins on random hill, level 10.. I thought i was gonna tap out at 15 mins but i didnt.. Lots of hot distractions roaming the gym floor..

All in all work was good.. I really need to work on consistency in the pool and the bike, while building my run base for next season.. Looking forward to the challenge of ironman..

GET SOME!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A sucky run

I ran on tues, I didnt log it on here because I didnt have time.

The run sucked majorily.  I think im getting sick.. Im sounding a little stopped up.. This could be playing a factor with my sucky runs lately.. I dont have time to get sick.. So, of course I will continue to workouts.. Today (wednesday).. I will cross train.  Swim and bike or one or the other..

I have been getting some pains in my left side (lower back).. Not sure why.. It feels deep like a kidney pain.. I havent been drinking enough water.. So quiet possible that whats going on.. So, I will test it out..

All in all workout are going ok, but still a shit sandwich.. Achilles is feeling ok.. Weight is peeling off slowly.. Im happy..

Monday, October 10, 2011

This frickin weather

I went for a run today, thinking it would be a breeze.. MANNN, was i wrong...  1st mile was great.. physically i was strong...  2nd mile, everything changed... i was like i was running through molasses.. rhythm and breathing went to shit.. HR sky rocketed... I was like WTF!!!!.. 

So i stopped for a second to gather my thoughts get my HR down and do some yoga breaths.. all was well after about 20 secs..  so i took of again.. tried to cruise it worked for the most part.. but after a few minutes.. nature pace came back..   and i was gassed again.... DDAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNN it..

So i stopped again.. i was almost home by this time. so i sucked it up and run it in...

i remember while in my car.. the temp was 77 deg.. overcast.. with the threat of rain looming tomorrow.. so im sure this played a factor... this is only thing changed since fri.. there's no i can run 5.5 on fri, comfortable and easy.. and run 4  on mon, with death hanging over me..

back at it tomorrow..

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oh man, yesterday

Since I had such a horrible run on Thursday, I decided to run short on fri..

Everything felt great on the run. My legs were strong and breathing was good.. Had a comfortable pace.. So I went with..  So coming up on two mile mark, I was feeling really good.. After the turn, I was feeling like I could go further than initially planned..

I added an additional mile and a half to run.. Honestly it felt awesome..i kept getting a pain in my lower back. I had to stop a couple times to stretch it out.. Grrrr..

Next weeks running should be fun. Well starting sunday with a 4 miler.. Then increases from there.. I need to get to yoga so I can stretch..

Thursday, October 6, 2011

5 miler.. Geeeesssshhhhhhh

So I went out for a tun today.. Thinking to myself, I should be able to do a 5 miler, not real fast..but be able to complete it.. 

And guess what I did.. I went for it..

The plan was to keep a steady pace, focus on relaxing and controlled breathing.. I failed miserably. I felt like I started slowly, buy somewhere I lost site of plan.. My calf was a little tendor today. Temp was warmer than monday.. That probably played a factor in HR and breathing. Which were my problems.. Physically I felt fine.. My lungs werent able to keep up with my physical self.. "cuz im an animal" lol.. But seriously  the mid 70s temps screwed with me a little today.. I wanna go out again tomorrow.. Atleast do 4..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Short but sweet

I had a decent run today..  I did intervals in the treadmill.  Only got in 2 miles.. 1 mile warm up and 2 x 400 at 90-95% rpe, and 2 x400 at 65-70 rpe.. I had to go work at gym. I need to work on time management, now that im working at the gym.. Im gonna have to institute the good ole 2 aday schedule.  Something in the morning and something in the evening..

Whoo hoooo.. So exciting..

But I feeling good. Intervals felt great.. Calf was trying to act up...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Feels good

Today, was the day that all that struggle work (runs) paid off..

I missed out on running this past weekend. I got occupied with home stuff. So this week I had have to really dig in and get some volume in to prep for upcoming events.. Tomorrow I will have to get a 5 miler in. gotta get it done.. Im really excited..

I have to make I stay in top on of tendor hamstring. While continuing to stretch and get this extra weight off..

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A change of Pace

So yesterday, i was suppose to run.. But i got talked into going to busch gardens for Hallo-scream.. good time..  tons of walking around up and down hills.. so it felt like i worked yesterday.. Temps were low, so i felt aches and pains.. grrrrrrr

Today, my calves were a little tight.. so i didn't run. decided to swim today.. i changed my living room around.  Used a lot of energy doing that today.. but i muster enough strength to get something in...  first 200 meters felt ok.. the last 600 sucked..

Things i need to do.. I need to get some consistency in the pool and on the bike. this will help with beginning of the year surge towards IRONMAN....

Friday, September 30, 2011

Another successful day

So, I came home deciding whether to run or not. I sat on the couch watched alittle tv.. Looked outside.. Thinking shit, I need to get my ass moving..

I had to run a different route today, because there a festival going on in the park I typically run through.. Plus, I felt it good to change it up a little.. Route today had some small hills.. Hills that are just enough to slow you down when tired..  Nonetheless, small obstacles..

I had in mind that I wanted to keep a steady pace so I could focus on breathing and active recovery.. First 2 mile split was 19:37  or so. I was happy with that. My legs felt great, physically I felt awesome..  I want to keep same mind set for 2miles back..

As a side note.. Mosquitos were out in full force.. No sooner than I stopped for some adjustments... Fricking a million of those came outta nowhere and had me as main course..

As im being eaten alive, I went out a little faster than anticipated.. I felt ok, so I went with the pace.. Pace started to effect me later, but that was a chance to slow while running to get HR down and breathing under control.. Worded for the most part..  Still was tough, had to stop for about 20 seconds, to take some big yoga breaths.. After that I was back running.. Time was looking good.. I felt a lot faster on back half.. I had a rhythm.. So back 2 miles time was 19:10... 27seconds faster than first half..

Todays route was .10+ miles longer.. Quiet the confidence booster.. Im happy.. Yay!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feeling great

So, I went out for a run today..  Mentally occupied with thoughts and plans..  Sometimes a good combination and other times not to good.. Today, it was not to good.. Why would I say that...??? While my mind was racing with thought, some reason my body tried to keep up.  This is my first solid week of running.. Something are still a little off, like active recovery and HR... So I didnt really notice the speed until I got to about 2 mile mark at 18:40... So I was saying oh shit.. Too fast.. I tried to slow down, but the train had left the station.. So I slowed tried an active recovery with some deep yoga breaths.. Worked alittle.. Its like I have switch.. Soon as I get myself together, the pace picks right back up.. So I paused for the cause.. Stopped for about min.. Then back to races...

So, 38:11, im home sweating like a champ.. Feeling pretty good.. Legs feel ok.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another day out in the elements..

So, I got another run in.. Felt great to get out again.. It sucked because it was humid as hell out today. On the way back I saw an approaching storm.. Lightning was all over the place.. The winds picked as well.. One would think that would have sped me up, by I didnt..

I was great to get out and run.. But I rated very high on suck factor.. Gotta get it again tomorrow. Good ole speed work.. Not looking forward to it..

Monday, September 26, 2011

First 4 miler

Great run today.. Felt great and strong..  Calf was great and no tightness..

went out pretty fast, probably a little to fast i paid for it around the two mile mark.. abs were tight, HR was through the roof, and breathing was bad but not uncontrollable..  i did some stretching when was finished..  i plan on icing and stretching more before i go to bed..

i want to get out and run again tomorrow...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cooking with Gas

Oh yeah, i had a very good workout yesterday.. i did intervals on the treadmill.. If my calf would fail it would have done it yesterday.. But i ran strong, felt great..   Only thing that couldn't keep up were my lungs..  gassed and HR was through the roof.. But it didnt matter.. Felt awesome....  Bring the pain.. HOORAH

I swam a little after the run.. to get in the pool and get some work done there as well.. I will finish this week with miscellaneous workouts.. Im gonna mix three workout stragies... my baseline workout is the is HIM plan, because i have some running racing coming up.. i will inter-mingle run workouts for advance 10K and Intermidate Half Marathon training.. speed dates and long runs..  My volumes with increase next week.. 

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Running again... whooooo hooooooo

Yesterday, my calf felt awesome..  no pain what so ever.. I just the stretching, rest, and heat really helped.

I decided to test it out some.. I had a debate with myself, whether to do it outside or on a treadmill.. outside i have no concept of pace but im outside enjoying the elements.. treadmill requires me to be inside, but i can adjust my pace.. people walking around, so i won't get to bored.

So i chose the treadmill. because i can control my pace.. first half mile was great.. no pain.. so i sped up.. felt great.. 1 mile down.. speed came relativily easy.. i was very happy with today run.. because i ran with no pain. and did 2 miles at decent clip considering circumstances.

I will run again today.. another 2 miler.. may push 3.. so 1 mile warm up, on/off interval 400m, 1 mile cool down.. sounds like a plan.. thats what im doing.. afterwards ill go swim..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

On the Mend

I took Tuesday off because of my calf pain.. I massaged, iced and stretched my every opportunity I had from mon thru today..  My calf is definiently feeling a lot better..

Yesterday i swam and biked..

The swim was tough.. but i was determined to do a 1000m.. so with resting it took about 35 mins..  i did 3 x 200s.. the last one was really tough.. 4 x 50s.. shoulders were smoked at this point.. 8 x 25.. with 10 sec breaks inbetween.. the 25s weren't that bad.

So after the pool i decided to get on a spin bike for a half hour. I wanted to test my calf out to see what kinda load i could put on it..  Actual pedaling didnt cause any pain, i added tension after i felt legs were loose enough..  had enough tension to stand.. I felt pain about the 4 'o clock position on the pedal stroke, and it went away after that point...  So, it only hurt at that position.. which makes since.. i only felt running when my foot engaged my calf at the same point..  hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Im gonna try a short run today, maybe a 2 miler or so.  try to test things out. if it feels ok, Ill run again on fri. maybe add some distance. hopefully by sun i can get back on course with training..

Monday, September 12, 2011

The aches and pains of being an athlete

Well, Ill tell you what.  Its sucks sometimes to be an athlete.. the sucky times are when go through a phase of burn out.. and you come out of it.. you gain unwanted weight, you try to do things to pump you up.. but most of all.. My body aches because its not use to being in the state that its in..  I feel so many little pains and discomforts that I haven't felt before..  Muscles are tighter than normal..  all in all i feel like BLAH..  which is short for i feel like SHHHHHIIIIIIITTTTTTT...

Inflammation flare in the achilles kept me from running more last week.. but i did have a decent week, just not the week i wanted.  Hopefully today will be the week i've been looking for.. some good solid training..  I'd love to get a yoga class in this week.

woke up this morning.. decided to go and ride the bike for a little bit.. felt great to turn my legs.  hopefully today ill get a good run in.

So it was the beginning of great run.  Weather was awesome.. I felt really strong and relaxed.. breathing was good but labored but managable..   so around the 2 mile mark shit went down hill. my calf starting getting very tight.. and hurt like fuck.  so i stopped and stretched it out.. took a break. then picked up running again..  calf started tightening again..  i slowed my pace, seem like it hurt worse when i did that.. but i kept going..  then i really started to hurt..  so i walked til pain subsided, started running again.. then i finally had to stop running because it hurt like hell.. went home stretched it out. heat and ice.. and massage..


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

OH Yeahhh

todays run felt good.. physically i felt great.. breathing and HR were through the roof.. run was way harder today than yesterday..  humidity was a 1000%..  i thought i had a little relief because it started drizzling..  but i was teased by it though.. it stopped and it felt like humidity increase..  WTF ..

Swim was horrible. i spent so much on run that i didn't have enough for swim.. but i cranked out something i tried.

Honestly it feels good to be bad on a plan and training with a purpose.

Im hungry for some finish lines..

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DAY 1..

so run today was better than expected..  It was very humid out today.. i took three short breaks during run.. i felt a little over heat during the run.  but i cranked it out like i intended to do..

Spin bike proved to be very interesting.. it started getting difficult.. really fast.. but i grunted it out.. i started doing 10 mins with a 1 min break.. i grunted the last 30 mins.. because i was looking at tru tv.. the pain that some of the people were going through made my aches look like childs play.

did some minor stretching and some ab work afterwards...

Day 1 felt great...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Omg.. Tomorrow is gonna suck.

So I registered for the rock n roll half marathon with intention of putting down my fastest time every.. Instead it wi be my slowest time.  Some im plotting a strategy to get this thing completed.  Its gonna hurt no matter what I do..  All in all I just want to finish at this point.. Not pressed about time..  Ill have to kick ass on next one..

Picked up some new shoes.. Felt go to run in them.. So I ran about 3 miles.. Sucked  little warm out today.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ok, Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, I ran, it was horrible... for one big reason.. i didn't eat much for the day..  After waking from a 14 hr coma like sleep..  First of all, I never sleep that long.. So I guess physically i crashed yesterday.  All the nightshifts and  a weird hours and minimal sleep.. hit me..  I had to get run done.. oh man.. i tried to start a little slower than usual.. it seems to take more energy to slow down..  crazy.. i did the 10 min runs and 1 min walks..  then it became 5 min run and 1-1:40 min walks.. then just walks.. towards the end.. quads were kinda sore..  Im bracing for the pain of the 4th.. Its going to be a brutal run.. 13.1 miles of carnage.

Todays workout will be the same.. I have to find some way to make this manageable..  GRRRRRRR...
i may add a bike after run to help keep the legs loose.. also today is the 1st day of IM training..  whooo hoooo

I registered for 3 races today.. to keep me running and to build my run base.. Freedom half marathon, cape henry duathlon, and Surfin Santa 10 miler... i plan to throw the turket trot in there as well.. whooop whhoooop...


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Decent run

I sucked it up and 4 miles yesterday only because achilles pain has subsided.. Thanks to ice and advil..

So yesterdays run.. I tried the run/walk.. Run 10 mins walk 1min.. It worked ok.. Hard to get a rhythm.. Ran a little over 4 miles... Legs feel pretty good today.. No major pain.. Happy.. Will run again later..

Monday, August 29, 2011


My achilles tendon has been bothering me for the last week.. Not sure why.. but i don't like it..  Only this that come to mind is my bodies so screwed up.. from working and in ability to keep a consistent training schedule is getting me....

I worked out today.. Swim wasn't to bad.. but i tried running, to much pay to continue.. i did maybe a quarter mile. I will try to run again tomorrow.. hopefully ill have some success...

Rock and Roll is looking bleek..  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR..

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Optimism is shot

Well last week i was very optimistic about the half marathon i have coming up...  that optimism is gone very far away.  i've tried working out and running..  though my month run volume is up, my weekly volume is down..  i will have to come up with a plan to complete this race.. its looking like run 10 mins walk a min will be plan of attack.. it reduces the chance of hurting myself.. i plan to make up for run another half and a couple other races..

so i biked yesterday.. felt great, even though it was an exercise bike.. it still felt great..

Saturday, August 20, 2011


My body is so screwed up, from working nightshift or rather 13 hr shifts that span two days.

i try to run, it just doesnt happen for me...  Tomorrow I plan to attack this differently... im gonna get on the bike for a little bit then run to see how that works...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Humid as hell..

So i went for a run today... All in all felt great, i feel that i am getting some of my speed back.. this is very comforting..i was getting nervous..  training has been in the toilet.. i have a Half Marathon coming up.. in a couple weeks.. I know this race is gonna suck, but i have to do it.. hopefully i can make up for with next half marathon..  Gonna start Half IM plan to close out the year on the first of Sept, At the beginning of 2012, i  will switch to Full IM plan.  Im thinking of registering for Shamrock Full..

I have this crazy plan of completing the Seashore 50K in dec.. do i think i can do it.. suuuurrrreeee i do... i just have to get running..

Todays run was good. First 3 miles felt great.. started falling apart after that.. the humidity kicked in.. i was really hoping for rain.. no luck. bummer.  Plan to get back out there tomorrow for another run. another 4 miler.. then some speed work on wed.. whooo hoooooo NOT.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Great Ride...

I did a group ride today.  it was like 22 miles. nothing big..  I started to use my tri bike... i was to lazy to switch the wheels.  So i rode my road bike..

Either way good ride.. I ended up doing 3 25+ mph sprint.. 

My legs are still aching from weight training the other day... i didn't  prepared all that well either for the effort.. nutrition and hydration was off..

Friday, August 12, 2011


Im feeling it today.. wow.. quads, hamstrings, lats are a little sore...  but its a good thing.

todays plan is to run and maybe swim afterwards..  The swim will hopefully loosen the lats and shoulders.. the run will not do much for legs.. ill just have to grunt through it..

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 1...

Did some strength training this morning.  Planning to do some running and maybe a swim later today.  Im currently training for running events.. So will have to get my base in other disciplines..
Todays focus song.. Time flies  puddle of mudd..

So, I ran today.. man oh man.. it hurt.. I really felt heavy.  i felt the leg work i did this morning too...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today Decision....

Today, I made a decision to dedicate myself to completing an IRONMAN.  I read a someones race report today and it tugged at me for a bit..  I couldnt figure out why..  Then I read her blog about her race experience...  After reading and watching her video.. I became committed to completing an IRONMAN.

I have been racing for a while now... but the fire I feel now is unlike any I have had before. I have mental decided to complete this race.. I guess thats the difference from competing before...

So the Race will be Beach to Battleship Full in 2012... I chose this race because its in Oct.. My work schedule is easier, so i can get the training in..

SO HERE GOES NOTHING.......................whooooo hoooooo get some