IRONMAN........ I on my way to earn this title

This is a Journal to my trials and tribulations of my journey to conquer the 140.6 miles of pain and mental anguish.

So, I plan to journal daily.. if you want to be apart of this journey.. follow by blog.. You will see the up and down days of training for an event.. hopefully it will be something that can inspire you to do something crazy.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Great month so far..

Today, my leg were tortured.. I did a 40 miler, with some training buddies..   Sucks because it started with a blowout at mile 3..  So my buddies with, brought a new wheel to me.. Sweet, back riding..  Different cog, than i was use to.. I typically ride an 11-23, switched to 12-25..  I struggled to find my comfy gear..  None the less, i got it done.  The idea was to keep pace around 21+..  My legs were cooking. Legs spinning faster that normal..  This cog came in handy with climbs that came later in ride..   I got my ass handed to me.. At one point, my legs were so tired, i couldnt get over 19mph..   Starting taking down the added nutrition, and popped a stringer. Started feeling better.. Got back on the prowl.. Speed was over 21+ .. Feeling great only to have my bubble burst.. At mile 36.  This mammouth of a bridge.. So i get psyched to climb this beast.. I shift to a higher gear.. Then im dance on the pedals.. Thinking i got this and i was moving at a decent pace.. I looked down.. I was only going 12.9mph.. What a deflating moment.. But i kept hammering..  Finally the apex.. All down hill.. 30+ on downhill.. Felt great..

I have been on my bike alot this month so far.. 135miles so far. Rides are getting longer.. I can see being at 1000 miles by august, if not before....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Been on the up.

Training has been going really well..  Legs are getting stronger with each outting, whether running or cycling..  Swimming is work in progress, but its in the forward direction.  I have to get some ows in. My weekly volumes are increasing.  I really trying to take advantage of time available. Sucks sometime when i have to choose one or the other..  Im gonna have to start waking earlier so i can get volumes in.. It will probably be swimming and weight training in the morning. Running and biking in the eves.. With exception on weekends.. Weekends, ill ride in the morning..

I have some good training partners.. They are doing a good job of pushing me and keeping me motivated. 

Getting pumped for Beach to Battleship..

Monday, April 2, 2012

One Windy Ride

Sunday myself and a few riders set out on an adventure.  The intent was to get in 2 hours on the bike.  The temps were in 50's starting out, which wasnt to bad.  We hit the road bright eyed and excited for getting out of the bike.  Initially the is was pretty cool the route the shaded,, BRR..  i just wanted to go to go faster to so i could get warm.  The ride was relatively calm the first 11 miles.  But afterwards that 11 is became a mofo..  We encountered headwinds the entire ride out to turn around.  My quads were on fire, screaming for mercy.. but we kept hammering. We got to the 24 mile mark.. i noticed that there wasn't any signs on the road.. I was looking for a particular road to turn down.. wasn't there. We stopped, i had to adjust my cleat on my shoe.. One of the riders had to get back.  so we march on back.. FUCK, the winds shifted it again.. seems like the wind picked up. 

So i recommended that we paced line it, so everyone would have a turn in the wind.  1 to 2 mins pulls is what i recommended.. it worked really well.  we got back really quickly. we took a little break at mile 36 or so.. My quads were spent at this point and we still 10+ to go i was thinking.. wind isnt dying down..  so we start back.  HR was moderate, but my quads were screaming at me..  we reach the trail, like 6.5 miles left. i tried to get in a rhythm, wasnt happening.  at the last mile is decided to blow my legs up with a sprint.. oh man did that hurt..  i tried another, i failed miserably.

I cramped up so bad later in the day.. Cramps were so bad i started sweating and couldnt breath.. lol

mistakes: i drank most of my fluid on the ride..  i didn't eat prior to ride.. i was really in the hole in the nutrition category..

My data is off, i forgot to start watch after a stop.