IRONMAN........ I on my way to earn this title

This is a Journal to my trials and tribulations of my journey to conquer the 140.6 miles of pain and mental anguish.

So, I plan to journal daily.. if you want to be apart of this journey.. follow by blog.. You will see the up and down days of training for an event.. hopefully it will be something that can inspire you to do something crazy.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Today, is the day

Its the official start date of training plan.  Time to get busy with it..

Started the day with a 25 mile bike..  Felt great throughout the ride.  first 16 miles where great.. i felt good legs felt strong..  breathing and shoulders were relaxed.. all in all, things were going good.  the back half on the ride changed..  good ole wind and heat increase.. the 49 mins it took to make the 16 mile mark.. the temp went up significantly.   Sweat was dripping from under my helmet on to my sunglasses..  needless to say.. it was tough.  Seems like there were more lights or i caught them all in the return home.  The wind was tough as well.. i guess winds from the tropical storm near georgia/south carolina. it sucked big time..

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I have been slacking lately with training..  Mainly because of work schedule and long hours..  I have had some time off..  So Im using this time to rest up and heal some nagging injuries..  as well as, get my mind focused to the task at hand.   From the 3 days of resting, im feeling better physically and getting more mentally focused daily.   I hope to be more consistent with this blog.  This will be a good look back tool for later.

I have a tendency to go hard to often, I intend to get more quality training done.. I have 21 weeks til this events takes place.   I have to be in top form for this.

Im excited, pretty pumped up....