IRONMAN........ I on my way to earn this title

This is a Journal to my trials and tribulations of my journey to conquer the 140.6 miles of pain and mental anguish.

So, I plan to journal daily.. if you want to be apart of this journey.. follow by blog.. You will see the up and down days of training for an event.. hopefully it will be something that can inspire you to do something crazy.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life Got in the Way

It seemed that work and school took away the vision of completing Beach to Battleship 140.6 this year.  So i had to pull my registration.  I was very reluctant to do it because mentally i feel that i could have completed.  But reality set in.. I wasn't making the cut on weekly volumes.  The commitments of school and weird work hours made this goal unattainable at this time.  BUT.. Im slowly get the wind back in my sails for training and racing...

I havent raced all year.  good and bad thing.  good, because im healing old injures.  Not training hard, just maintaining what i had.  Bad, because i feel very unproductive.. no new medals this year.. bummer.

The days anew.. time to get back on the horse..


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