IRONMAN........ I on my way to earn this title

This is a Journal to my trials and tribulations of my journey to conquer the 140.6 miles of pain and mental anguish.

So, I plan to journal daily.. if you want to be apart of this journey.. follow by blog.. You will see the up and down days of training for an event.. hopefully it will be something that can inspire you to do something crazy.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Been on the up.

Training has been going really well..  Legs are getting stronger with each outting, whether running or cycling..  Swimming is work in progress, but its in the forward direction.  I have to get some ows in. My weekly volumes are increasing.  I really trying to take advantage of time available. Sucks sometime when i have to choose one or the other..  Im gonna have to start waking earlier so i can get volumes in.. It will probably be swimming and weight training in the morning. Running and biking in the eves.. With exception on weekends.. Weekends, ill ride in the morning..

I have some good training partners.. They are doing a good job of pushing me and keeping me motivated. 

Getting pumped for Beach to Battleship..

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